An innovation from KSP Corp Co Ltd.

This online software helps oil products terminals managers to improve the documentation and security of products data. To download OPTMS official presentation slideshow click here.

Introducing Oil Products Terminals Management Software (OPTMS) :

Considering the requirement of management in oil products terminals, documentation of the following activities is needed :

  • Arrival of products
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Storage and stocking
  • Supervision and control on loading process
  • And different stages of departure of products , etc.

OPTMS is a software designed to make the management of oil products terminals more organized. As this software is developed in web environment, it’s offering varied features such as the ability to use this software on Windows, Android and IOS devices.

The following are summarized descriptions of the features OPTMS is offering :

1_ OPTMS is developed in web environment so that users can easily access the software from different locations from all around the world, access to internet being the only requirement.

2_ The software is programmed to grant the permission to edit or register information in different parts of the software for users with suitable statuses.

3_ Documentation of any activities ( arrival or departure of products ) for all stages is registered by users online and managers can monitor the process step by step.

4_ There is an independent panel in this software defined for customers of oil terminals, giving the customer the ability to see (which stage of the storing process, BL numbers, transportation vehicle, weights report and arrival/departure time, etc. )

5_ Ability to control stocking based on the amount of arrived products and departures.

6_ Ability to control stocking based on measuring liquid level in tanks and considering volume correction factors with full dynamic programmed functions.